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Hello me.

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Just imagine a tongue. A warm wet tongue exploring your folds. Lapping at your skin, mopping up your juices. Flicking at your clit. Then hands, sliding up your sides, holding your hips into place. The tongue is accompanied by lips that suck on your swollen lips. You can feel your juices run down to your butt as your body heats up.
The tongue runs up your slit, from ass to clit, lapping up your wetness. The lips wrap around your wanting clit briefly, to suck at it before retreating back down into your folds. The warms thick tongue teases your hole. Then with lips pressed against your skin, the tongue plunges deep. Deeper than expected, then pulls out. Then deep once more. The hands work their way to your stomach and one puts pressure against your mound as you moan slightly.

One hand slides down and fingers dance across your wet folds. As the tongue pulls out the new thick, wet fingers take over. They bury themselves deep inside you and drag against your walls. They curl upward and hit your spot. The lips and tongue travel north to your clit once again. The lips press in as the tongue flits across your hood. Sucking and pushing and massaging. Through all of it, you swear you can hear the mouth moan, “Cum for me!”

The feeling builds stronger as the lips and tongue don’t let up. You feel so hot inside and you can’t sit still. You look down to see me staring up at you, waiting and wanting you to cum. You can see me smile, even though I’m buried between your legs. The feeling is too strong now, and won’t be long.

This time, watching me, you see me say the words into your pussy, “Cum for me!” You can’t wait any longer. With my tongue flicking across your clit, you grab my hair and release yourself. You cum hard and long. Your body shakes with waves of needed pleasure. When you calm you open your eyes and look down at me. I’m licking your juices from my lips with a smile.

I grab your hips and pull you into me. Your still sensitive pussy collides with my throbbing cock. Your juices soak my skin as you grind against me. A bead of pre-cum builds on my swelling head and rolls down my shaft, mixing with yours. My hands slide up your body. My fingers tracing your curves. I let my thumbs stop just under your breasts and caress the soft skin there before I grab them and roll your nipples through my fingers.

I pull my hips back and set my throbbing tip against your slit. You are so wet that my head almost disappears inside you. Staring into your eyes, I push myself forward and deep inside you. The feeling is overwhelming and I grunt. Buried between your legs I dip my head toward your face and kiss you. Our lips pressed together and tongues fighting for supremacy. You can taste yourself on my lips still.

I begin a rhythm with my hips as our worlds collide. Deep and slow, followed by short faster thrusts. My cock is hot and thick inside you. My sack slaps against your skin soaked from your own flowing juices. A foamy lather builds at the base of my shaft, a testament to our desires. My lips trail down to your chin then to your neck in sloppy kisses as my arms wrap around you pulling you into me. I lean back and pull you with me as I stand up, picking you up too. I pin you against the wall. Your legs wrapped around my waist. My cock sliding in and out of your pussy.

Our combined juices run down my sack with every thrust of my hips into you. One of my hands cups your ass and I give it a small slap. Your breasts are pressed against my bare chest. I nibble at your neck and your ear. Your heavy breathing and small whimpers tell me you are close. I let my orgasm build with yours.

You squirm in my arms and rotate your hips to my rhythm. Your mound grinds against my pelvis. Our bodies are sweaty and tired and our orgasms are very close. My balls tighten and your moaning grows louder. I abandon your neck and kiss your lips again, passionate, but wanting. My thrusts quicken and deepen. You pull away from my lips and arch your back into the wall. Your breasts bounce between us. My cock enters you at an angle and hits against your g-spot. Our bodies smashing together makes a wonderful popping sound combined with our almost screaming and moaning.

Your breath catches and you begin to shudder in my arms. I thrust deep into your pussy and hold it there. Your clit pressed against my pelvis, you grind slightly, then cum once again. Your juices gush over my cock and I grit my teeth. My muscles tighten. Grunting I cum into you, filling you with my hot thick load. It bubbles out and runs down our skin, dripping to the floor. Waves of orgasm wash over you. Bliss. As you finally come down, we both catch our breath. I smile and kiss you.

Can anyone find me this video?

Favorite this to do in the bath. ;)